Most people are worried about the financial impact of their separation. Usually the anxiety comes from not knowing what to expect and from not knowing the best way to structure a settlement.  You can reduce fears by having a lawyer explain and predict the likely financial consequences of your separation. At the same time, a lawyer may be able to suggest strategies to maximize disposable family income and minimize income taxes.

A lawyer may be able to also generate settlement options that are different from the traditional legal model. For example, assets such as homes or pensions could be substituted for a cash equalization payment. It’s often helpful to have a financial professional analyze the consequences of various settlement options before making decisions. Such professionals can also provide assistance with budgeting and cash flow projections post-separation.

By obtaining reliable information from a lawyer and/or a financial professional, you’ll be able to better plan for your future. And by being prepared, not only will you be able to chart the best course, you’ll feel better too.

The Benefits of Using a Financial Divorce Specialist

Advantages of Using a Financial Divorce Specialist