Legal Services and Mediation

Marriage and Cohabitation

Legal Guidance

Few life events are as exciting as getting engaged or moving in with your partner. However, these events can also bring about legal concerns.  You may find yourself needing professional guidance about marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements, estate planning, and real estate. We’ll help make sure all the necessary legal documents are in place so you can focus on the exciting changes ahead.


Out-of-Court Resolution

The end of a marriage or common-law relationship is a stressful time for all parties involved. Along with being emotionally draining, the process can consume a lot of time and money.

Beesley Gahrns lawyers are not just lawyers. We’re also highly trained, experienced mediators and collaborative practitioners. We can act for both you and your spouse as a neutral mediator or act just for you, providing independent personal counsel. Either way, we’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your needs in the most painless and cost-effective way possible – an out-of-court resolution.

Separation Agreements

By resolving things out of court with a Separation Agreement, you’ll be the one making the decisions that affect your life instead of a judge who knows little of your circumstances. To assist you with the creation of a Separation Agreement, Beesley Gahrns can:

  1. provide you with independent legal advice if you are negotiating with your spouse directly;
  2. act as a neutral mediator for you and your spouse;
  3. provide you with independent legal advice if you are in mediation with your spouse;
  4. represent you in the collaborative family law process; or
  5. negotiate with your spouse or your spouse’s lawyer on your behalf.

Once the negotiation is complete, we’ll incorporate the terms into a Separation Agreement. We’ll make sure that the Agreement is drafted properly with no loop holes so that you and your children are protected.



Once the Separation Agreement is signed, you may wish to be divorced. If so, Beesley Gahrns can obtain a divorce for you on an uncontested basis. In some cases, we can obtain a joint divorce, acting for both you and your spouse. Either way, you and your spouse will not need to go to court. All paperwork will be done in the comfort and privacy of our office.

Real Estate

Purchases, Sales, Remortgages

Real estate transactions typically involve major life changes with high stakes. Even if the change is positive, it can be a life stressor, similar to starting a new job. We’ll make your real estate transaction is easy and smooth. In addition to doing excellent legal work, we’ll communicate with you throughout so that you know what to expect and what to do. By choosing Beesley Gahrns, you can put any legal worries aside and concentrate on the practical aspects of your move or refinancing.


Estate Planning

Talking about estate planning can be difficult. It’s not easy to think about the possibility of you or your loved ones passing away. However, by making sure your estate plan is taken care of now, you can protect your family so that their grief is not compounded by legal difficulties. With a properly prepared Will, you’ll be able to ensure that your property is transferred on your death according to your wishes, while minimizing tax and administrative burdens to your loved ones.

Powers of Attorney

No one likes to think about the possibility of illness or an accident. However, worry can be reduced significantly if you prepare properly. Beesley Gahrns can assist by creating Powers of Attorney for you. With these validly in place, you’ll have the protection of having a trusted family member or individual managing your finances or heath care should the need arise. This can be done as part of your Estate Plan or separately.

Probate and Estate Administration

When a loved one passes, the probate and estate administration process can be overwhelming. While grieving, survivors are faced with many tasks that they may never have done before or which are outside their skill set.

Beesley Gahrns minimizes the stress and challenge of the estate administration process. We’ll start by helping to organize the estate so that probate can be obtained as easily and quickly as possible. After probate, we’ll help to make the rest of the estate administration process smooth and seamless.

  • "My experience in terms of the quality of Susan's work, her timeliness, knowledge, competence, clear communications, ability to represent me while always respecting my wishes has been very positive."