It’s essential to use a lawyer for the preparation of legal documents, if they are important. Many people, including lawyers, are comfortable simply confirming a small loan to a friend with a hand written “IOU”.  The risk involved doesn’t require preparing a formal loan agreement or registering a mortgage for security. However, if it is imperative that a document be valid and binding, you should have it prepared by a lawyer. That way, you’ll be protected and won’t be exposed to a potential risk which could surface over time.

“Do It Yourself” legal kits offer no protection. All of these kits clearly state that they do not replace qualified legal advice and exclude liability from any losses suffered as a result of their use. Preparing important legal documents yourself is like doing your own electrical repair. Sooner or later, you’ll get burned. By having Beesley Gahrns prepare your legal documents, you’ll be able to sign them with full peace of mind.

The Risks of Do It Yourself Law